Annual Executive Health Checks

We have 3 levels of annual Executive Health Checks to choose between:

  • Platinum evaluation
  • Gold evaluation
  • Silver evaluation

All our Executive Health Checks include:

  • Detailed Medical History to identify any particular health concerns
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Pap-smear and breast or prostate check
  • ECG (heart check)
  • Spirometry (lung test)
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Vision Test

The Gold and Platinum checks also include various blood tests, urine and stool tests, ultra-sounds and x-rays.

Japanese Corporates

Our Observatory Tower Medical Centre in Sydney CBD specialises in annual Executive Health Checks for Japanese patients and employees of Japanese companies. For more information click here.

Pre-employment Medicals

We provide pre-employment medical to companies from cleaning companies, mining companies to executives of multi-national finance companies. We can use your documentation or assist you design a pre-employment medical to suit your needs from a simply “Cat-3” to a more complex health check such as one of our Platinum, Gold or Silver Executive Health Checks.

Flu-shot Program at Your Office

It is reported that sufferers of the flu on average take 5 days off work and have symptoms for additional 3 week. This implies up to 4 weeks of lost or reduced productivity per employee. Can your business afford this?

We can arrange:

  • a qualified health practitioner to visit your offices to vaccinate consenting employees
  • an online booking appointment system or other booking system to suit your office (poster in the staff room)
  • information about the flu-shot and frequently asked information
  • employee education on how to avoid catching and spreading the flu in your office

Our costs are competitive and depend on the number of employees you have who wish to be vaccinated.

Workcover Injuries

We understand the importance to both the business and worker to be back to work after an injury as soon the worker is well enough. We can provide consultations in our clinic to your injured workers and assist them to see the rehabilitation specialists they need to get back on the job as soon as possible.

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